Divine Feminine Goddess Study 
Learn how to connect with inner power and access intuition
Wednesday September 21, 2016  5:30 PM - 7:30 PM , Social time with bonfire
Expansion Friday Oct 28, 2016  10am-4pm.Focus is on accomplishing 2016 goals 
Reiki 1 Sat. November 5, 2016 10am-4pm
Reiki 11 Sun.  November 6. 2016 10am-4pm

Please see event tap for more information

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5 Ways to Empower Your Life...

Stating an Intention...

State an intention before you go to sleep. This intention may consist of what you want to ...

Love Yourself...

Love yourself just the way you are at this exact moment.

Having an Abundance of Joy...

What is the one thing that will bring you great amounts of joy?

What am I Thankful and Grateful for...

By acknowledging what we are thankful and grateful for daily, we open doors to receive more ....

Breathe Deeply...

Breathe deeply again. Exhale slowly.

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A Special Message From Lisa...

Do you enjoy your life? Do you have the time to do the activities that bring you joy?

Do you have quality time with family and friends? Does your career bring fulfillment to your life?

Imagine being the size you want to be? Imagine having a body that is healthy, vibrant and moves with ease. Imagine having the amount of money in your checking and savings account that you’d love to see?

Do you wake up every morning excited to begin a new day?

Imagine learning skills and tools that will assist and empower you to live the life you choose to live.

Is it that simple? YES it is.

Imagine -the life you want to live. Believe- you can have it. Create – take action. Learn skills. Be it – Live it! Be the change you want to see in your life.


Lisa Kuchinski
Be It Coaching/ Free Spirit Ranch
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