Dearest Lisa,

Being at your retreat helped to bring me peace and tranquility. I found the resources to help direct my life path journey - - using the Equine coaching,Therapeutic coaching, Reiki sessions, as well as other resources available at your retreat. LISA, YOU are a treasure of knowledge, training, and ability! You have helped me to Be The Best Me That I Can Be at this moment.

Thank You for making your retreat, knowledge, training, and ability available to those of us who need help finding our True North

Blessings and Peace to You- - Ruth Krause

“If you are open to thinking outside the box and want real answers then this is a must for you!! This is one of those moments of "seeing is believing" Lisa and her herd of horses are a team that is full of love, truth compassion ! The experience is powerful and life changing in order to release the core blocks in your life! Just do it! - Lisa Traiser (Mother, author, speaker and Entrepreneur)”

“Lisa's equine coaching with me was amazing. I was thinking much too small in my business goals and she and her horses helped me to see how much bigger I needed to be thinking. A lot bigger than I had ever imagined. Now, in addition to having published my first book and educating families and health providers about eating disorders, I have collaborated with the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED)in an effort to raise $70 million dollars for eating disorders research via the 1 Family/$1 Campaign. We have set up a fund for every family in the world impacted by eating disorders to contribute $1 so that researchers can have scholarships to find answers to these deadly illnesses. 

Thank you Lisa for this amazing gift! I would have never been so bold if your horses had not literally pushed me to hear "No, BIGGER" when you were coaching me. - Becky Henry

“I met Lisa at an expo where she was explaining her coaching system. I thought it was interesting so I met with her. Not only is she knowledgeable in what she does, she is compassionate. I would recommend Lisa to businesses and individuals. My granddaughter will never forget her session! Thank you Lisa!!! - Mary Krueger

“Lisa's personal coaching & equine therapy package is out-of-the-box awesome! The horses actually help you gain insights. Be ready to face brutal truth!” - Dori Haugen

“I worked with Lisa as a coach and found her work to be very helpful!" - Carol Savage

“I have had the opportunity to see Lisa in action working with a women's group. She brought an authentic presence and positive energy to the group. She communicated with confidence and is an authority in her expertise. Her desire to be of service is evident." - Kim Lampe

"Lisa is an awesome, heartfelt person. Generous with her time and talents. Paul and I enjoyed working with Lisa and she was very helpful to us. We recommend Lisa to our friends and family as well. “Lisa is a gifted talent in her field of work. She consistantly educates and uses her talents to service others. Her integrity is one of her strong attributes; " - Cheri Brinson

“I recommend Lisa Kuchinski to everyone that wants direction in their journey in life. She has a gift of positive energy, knowledge, and spirit." - Kristen Fox

“I have worked with Lisa three times - twice as a personal life coach and once for her to provide programming at our annual staff retreat. All three times were wonderful and she absolutely exceeded our expectations! I can actually pinpoint exactly how my life and outlook changed once I met with Lisa the first time. It was amazing! I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future.” - Emily Nelson

“Lisa does an excellent job in working with and helping her customers - she is very personable, an expert, and has very high integrity! I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs some coaching!” - Brenda Stetler

“Lisa provided coaching at at time in my life that I needed to determine and refocus my goals, teaching me how to put my needs first but remembering that God is still my number one priority.” - Wendy Hanson

“Lisa is an amazing woman to work with. I have hired her as a life coach for personal issues when I feel stuck or out-of-sync with life. I have also seen her fantastic results with other women. She does great equine coaching for groups and individuals alike. Release your fear and give her a try. She is worth it.” - Dawn Bennett

“Lisa is a colleague of mine who's work I had the chance to observe at an open house she held at her lovely Free Spirit Ranch and Retreat. She is a passionate and capable woman who is committed to helping people be there best and is a pleasure to work with.” - Heather Kitching

“Lisa personifies the name of her company Free Spirit. She has a beautiful, warm, sincere approach to all things in which she engages. She is an innovative business woman who has vision, passion and energy that will propel her business forward. As such, she brings a solid professional acumen to her individual and group engagements. Lisa is a great listener. She listens with her heart and processes with her sharp mind. She sees beyong the surface and delves deep to discover jewels of knowledge and wisdom. Lisa uses this information to heal, inspire and motivate her clients. I highly recommend Lisa and her Free Spirit Retreat.” - Susan Sorenson Langer

“Lisa is a great healer and very devoted to her work. Her equine coaching is an amazing experience that I highly recommend. She is an uplifting person and fun to work with. " - Gina Citoli

Lisa Kuchinski
Be It Coaching/ Free Spirit Ranch
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